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hermmm......all the photos i've done! You can go wayyyy back to the beginning and see the one of the first photos i took.... its pretty rough. i would say i've come a ways ;)

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its funny how my tastes in art have changed over the course of the four years i've had this DA account.


I am very impressed with the body paint that has gone into this, so many kudos! With my body paint photography, it looks like I've bare...

Reminds me of Caravaggio. Chiaroscuro, quiet and romanticized faces, but powerful imagery, even the compositions. Except, Caravaggio ha...


  • Listening to: Danza Kuduro - Don Omar
  • Playing: Fifa/Mario Kart/Skyrim
  • Eating: about to be turkish food
Yup. That happened. I officially work at Elevate Group ad agency in Dallas. They're local and they're awesome. I was under the impression that it was long term, but because I had already signed up for a full load of classes in the spring, I was not able to work very long, therefore I am only working during the winter break. I am learning so much still; it is a really good experience! 

Design is going well, too! I'm learning so much about graphic design - and spending a lot of time focusing on it - that i have sort of put photography on the back burner. (and sorry, that should be an em dash, not a regular hyphen, but i don't know how to do that on a computer outside of adobe products). I haven't forgotten about photography. I hope to be doing some shoots this winter break. I need to get weird. I need to photograph!

I am currently designing posters to sell at my school to try to fundraise monies to do an 8 week summer internship in London next summer. I highly doubt I will make a plethora of monies, but I think it would be fun to design personal work and a great way to practice my entrenepeur skills. I need to work on my spelling skills too, apparently :P

Julia and Toki


Julia Cooper
Artist | Professional | Photography
United States
My name is Jules, Joomba, Jooper.

My favorite color is pink, not cause I am a girl, but cause its a color that is rather rare in the world, a color that most people shy away from, and one that is simply not "pale-red"...but is PINK, unlike its other colleges who could be described as "light blue", "pastel yellow", and "pale green".

I hate humanity in general. If i had my way, I would live out in the country with its wide open spaces and pretty landscape...away from people.

I am a Cowboys fan. But I kinda suck at it. Whatever.

I am learning to play the Ukulele.

My mind is vast with colors, imagry, metaphors, ideas, strange thought proccesses, theories... And not much else. I suck at math and being logical. Having that said, I have no idea why people say photography is a logical, mathamatical beast. They are liars. Either that, or I have no idea how I am good at photography. (and by good, i mean barely substantial)

I have an affinity for cuteness, mayonaise, zach braff, giraffes, beaches, morbidity, owls.

Oh. And I love me some video games, absolute favorites: Halo:Reach, Harvest Moon64, Okami, Portal, Pokemon Red.

Others that I really like: Dead Space, Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty, Mario like games, Paper Mario64, Pokemon Gold/Silver/Yellow/Blue/Red, Metroid, World of Goo, Halo3 and Halo:ODST (haven't played the first two,yet), Starfox64, Katamari.

And i like my boyfriend, doug.


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